Network Group are delighted to welcome Paul Rambridge of Sweethaven Computers back into the Executive Team for the third time in his illustrious Membership history - this time, as the interim Boss!

An 18-year veteran of Network Group, Paul offers his in-depth knowledge of the Groups history and embraces its future vision and structure. Paul speaks with authority and experience on the benefits of membership, as, over the course of his time with the Group, his own business has evolved and grown into a multi-faceted organisation covering retail, business and education.

Paul is unshakable in his commitment to the Members of the Group and the ethics and spirit of collaboration, stating “My responsibility is to each and every Member - those that collaborate and those that also want the transactional and purchasing advantage we offer. My focus is heavily on the benefit to the member and how to keep enhancing this – this has always been my focus and my heartfelt desire.”

Paul aims to bring clarity and harmony to the Board and the Team during a period of planned change. Humble and helpful, Paul leads by example and offers an infectious sense of humour, realism and a strong work ethic to empower the Network Group Team to continue to grow the UK’s leading technology Group.