Thrills, spills, bonding, and …. Momentum!

The fast pace of the IT channel, with Network Group

We pride ourselves on all of our events throughout the year (five of them) being a brilliant mix of excellent fun, great networking, informative learning, cutting edge news and trends, and as important as all of these put together – an unsurpassed and defining way of building our Network Community to be what it says on the tin, Strength In Numbers. Relationships are forged, nurtured and refined amongst our members, and together as the collective family of Network Group we build exceptional relationships with our suppliers. And our events are the converging, the playground, the conferencing, the support, the teamwork of all of us in a fast-paced industry.

Today we are in Milton Keynes for our summer July Momentum event – although there are a few challenges such as trains not running and British summer weather (rain) threatening our Daytona team racing, we are not deterred!

“This is the most fun you can have whilst getting serious about your business’s growth, development and shift. New opportunities, new ideas, shared experiences, bonding over the thrill of the competition,” says Wayne Cockerill, Network Group Chairman.

Our fun starts on the Daytona go-karting grid, with friendly rivalry amongst the 23 racing teams made up of members and suppliers, and already the banter has got off the starting blocks as to who will be eating whose dust before the first safety checks and helmet adjusting has even taken place!

Just like Formula 1, it’s a team effort – even if the lead driver tends to get most of the glory! Take their pit crews, for example, they can win or lose a race if their teamwork comes undone.  And when it happens, it’s painful to watch! Detailed preparation for the pit crew, the perfection of each individual person’s skills, clear communication within the pit crew, the factory, the pit wall, and combined with extraordinary talent in their driver is what can make or break a race. All working together in sync. Strength In Numbers – a winning combination.

Good luck to all the teams this afternoon – updates to follow once the thrills and spills are over -  and enjoy an event-filled day of business tomorrow at Network Group’s July Momentum event.