Last year, Velocity was our theme at Network Group and boy does the world seem to have sped up in a year!
More change, faster change, different changes - DISRUPTION is everywhere and increasing!
Brands like Uber and AirBNB have in a short time become global brands that have come from nowhere and created havoc for established industries.

The great news though is that change brings opportunity with it!


We are going to have to move towards becoming Shapeshifters & Shapemakers

At our Network Group January event for members next week we'll be looking at this together with - CONNECTIVITY & COLLABORATION

Some background to the idea behind Shapeshifting:  

At our Network Group November 2016 event in Manchester, to round off a globally disjointed year, Network Group MD Phylip Morgan briefly touched on what we are going to need to become - in terms of adapting to the many changes that we are going to meet:  in how we do business; in what products we’ll be selling; what services we’ll be offering our clients; and which clients will be in our pool of work – current and new.
And indeed, how we work continuously in Network Group - as a group and a community - to develop, adapt, support, connect and collaborate with each other and with our clients and suppliers too.

Every year we look at having a theme that runs throughout – for 2016 it was ‘Velocity’ in recognition of everything speeding up, and how we keep apace. 2016 brought so many new unforeseen dynamics and shifts across the globe, most notably represented in the Brexit vote and that of the American presidency.  Regardless of how people voted, and how you felt about the outcome, one thing we know for sure is that Everything Has Changed. And we are already in this moment now.

As we set out today, in the first month of 2017 at the time of writing this, Trump is not quite yet in one of the most powerful seats on the planet – with a few days to go he is a frequent disruptor. But, undoubtedly, the shifts we are already feeling most intensely will become even more dominant in the days ahead.  So, in the light of this, towards the end of last year when we set out to decide what one word would best represent this coming year of 2017, one word stood out above all the other considerations – Shapeshifting.  This felt like the accurate way to encapsulate all that is in our current, as yet not fully determined trajectory.

In order to meet the many sometimes sketchy and unexpected challenges, we are going to have to become adept at shapeshifting ourselves, our mindsets, our businesses, our way of connecting and collaborating to adapt to the new norm.

"Inconstant is the new Constant"

Shapeshifting is about adapting to what is already around us;
Shapemaking is coming up with a whole new way...
more on this to follow soon!


Author - Karin Dubois - Head of Marketing, Network Group