This week sees the tearing up of the rule book –

With the changing of the guard in the White House, the latest on Brexit, to how global trade deals will be done in the near future, amongst many other changes we are feeling...

It may start to feel like the Shift is piling onto us!

This week the World Economic Forum is holding their Davos conference, and the winds of change are blowing through our world order as we’ve known it.

"Any attempts to cut off flows, and channel the waters of the ocean back into lakes and creeks is simply not possible and runs against historical trends,” says one global leader. He also went on to speak about the ‘express train of development’, which directly affects our industry too.

As we've been bringing into the conversation since our Velocity theme last year, there is more change, faster change, different changes - DISRUPTION is everywhere and increasing!

To meet the challenges and opportunities that DISRUPTION brings us and our businesses, it calls for amplified, shapeshifting and shapemaking leadership.

We are going to have to move towards becoming Shapeshifters & Shapemakers.  At our Network Group January event on the 25th January we'll be looking at this together with - WHAT IS A SHAPESHIFTER AND A SHAPEMAKER?

Whereas Shapeshifters by definition are flexible, authentic leaders with a curiosity and fluidity to adapt in response to the challenges of today, Shapemakers have the capability and ability to do new things, not simply repeating what others have already done - through creating, inventing and discovering for themselves.

There are different types of Shapeshifting according to the Institute for the Future:

  • Adapting to the existing
  • Hybrids – crossover between the existing and the new
  • New species

Well-known Shapemaker, Steve Jobs from Apple, said that - “if you stay in the same place and make the same connections as everybody else over and over, then you wouldn’t be innovative and have new thought”. For him, a trip to India took him out of a ‘normal’ response to the world and opened the gateway for his original thinking that we now all experience in our everyday lives.
Over the course of this year we will be continuing with the theme of Shapeshifting: being a Shapeshifter as an individual and as a Shapeshifter business leader - to best navigate and steer through the time ahead.

But it’s more than just being a Shapeshifter. We also have to become Shapemakers – not only adapting to what we come across and from others’ experiences, but to shape our own original way forward. This ability is not just ‘gifted’ to a select few. It can be learned. And Shapeshifting and Shapemaking work together.

Shapeshifting is about adapting to what is already around us;
Shapemaking is coming up with a whole new way...
more on this to follow soon!

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Author: Karin Dubois - Head of Marketing, Network Group