“The tension between managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT organisations has been palpable for years. Internal IT teams are always concerned that MSPs will essentially replace them. In fact, MSPs often do go around the internal IT organization to sell their services.”

But as IT becomes increasingly complex and difficult to manage, a rapprochement may finally be in the offing between MSPs and internal IT teams. According to an industry CEO, he says there are two key technology trends that are finally going to force the issue: security and the rise of the cloud.

He says that given the number of security breaches lately, existing approaches to password management are not working. As more organisations realize that they need to replace legacy approaches to managing passwords with multifactor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) technologies, the complexity associated with deployment and managing those technologies is often beyond their staff and resources.

At the same time, as more workloads move into the cloud, the monitoring of multi-cloud environments is becoming more challenging.

Because of those challenges, he says there's more pressure than ever on the internal IT organisation to rely on external expertise. It means that internal IT organisations and MSPs are more willing than ever to collaborate on projects that internal IT teams find too complex.

Original blog from Channel Insider, written by Mike Vizard