Network Group and Epson have struck  up a new partnership to offer the UK's first pay-as-you-go print service, which launches this week.

Powered by Epson’s ReadyInk technology, 360ink is a hassle-free service that will ensure that customers never run out of ink again. When ink levels are low, consumers will be notified and the process of issuing a new cartridge will begin automatically – facilitating an ‘always-on’ service for busy users.

The technology was developed to address customers’ ever-changing printing needs. With advancements continually being made in inkjet technology, consumers are increasingly favouring inkjet printing, over laser, to meet their printing requirements. Recognising this, the 360ink programme, powered by Epson’s ReadyInk technology, has been launched to ensure a continuous supply of genuine ink.

The service works very simply; Epson monitors the ink usage of registered customers and shares this information with Network Group. When the ink is running low, the customer is notified and this starts the process of issuing a new cartridge. The great majority of Epson’s printers released after April 2013 are eligible for the service;

Customers can easily register on the 360ink portal. There’s no monthly contracted payments; they are simply charged when a new cartridge is needed. With this automated system in place, customers can always have a supply of high-quality ink – offering a hassle-free solution to the common and frustrating problem of running out of ink.

“Giving users what they want and need is at the heart of everything we do – and by working with Network Group to deliver this programme, we can ensure that users have a continuous supply of genuine ink and encounter no interruptions of service,” said Mauro Bartoletti, European Head of Retail, Epson.

Phylip Morgan, Managing Director at Network Group, said: “With great support from Epson’s UK and European teams, and our relentless ambition as a business to be first to market in the UK, businesses and homes across the UK can now get access to ‘peace of mind, pay-as-you-go printing’ from 360ink powered by Epson ReadyInk.”

More information about Epson’s ReadyInk technology can be found here.

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