Network Group Member Awards 2019

Inspirational SMB Leader of the Year
This award recognises the Leader who created a culture of openness and empowerment by being focused on results, doing the right thing for both the business and staff, can measure their growth and show that they are better today – one who leads by example.

Entries should include:

  • Up to 2 testimonials from key staff, clients, or partners demonstrating growth, change, and improvement.
  • Examples of processes implemented and new innovations adopted that have led to a culture of openness and empowerment.
  • Empirical evidence of growth over the past 12 month period. This can be financial, increased number of staff, etc.
  • Evidence of professional and personal development (e.g. peer-to-peer sessions attended, peer networking and support offered and received, training  courses, webinars, conferences attended, books embraced etc.)

Customer Experience Champion of the Year
Celebrating the Member who delivers exceptional customer service, always doing the right thing for the benefit of the customer, learning from their experiences so that they are continuously improving and placing the customer/client at the centre of their business strategy.

Entries should include:

  • Commercial success through the use of exceptional customer service. (e.g. recovering a lost sales opportunity, enhancing a customer experience, securing repeat business through great customer care etc.)
  • Evidence of outstanding value provided to a customer/client over the past year.
  • Evidence of customer/client retention and growth year on year.
  • Up to 3 testimonials from customers/ clients both internal and external demonstrating exceptional customer service.

Leading by Example – Member of the Year
Recognising the Member who demonstrates our core values in all their iterations. From the running of their business to sharing and engaging with their peers at Network Group, this Member does the right thing, shares their experiences with openness and honesty, learns from others and is better today because of it and is focussed on results, both professionally and personally.

Entries should include:

  • Provide an example of how doing the right thing led to new customers/growth in revenue/expansion of the business/staff retention or development.
  • Provide an example of practical learning – demonstrating the value of being better today than yesterday.
  • Provide an example of openness and sharing to support the growth and development of others and/or your business – either within the Network Group context or within your own business.
  • Provide an example where focusing on results delivered a successful outcome for you/your peers/your business.
  • Up to 2 testimonials from peers, partners, staff or customers/clients to support your evidence.

Network Group Core Value Avatar Award
In our 25th Year, the Lifetime Achievement Award recognises the long-term, sustained commitment and dedication over a period of more than 5 years, to building, maintaining, and growing everything that Network Group is.

This award will be nominated by the Executive and Team based on what they have observed and experienced over the past 12 months. Nominees MUST have been actively involved in the betterment of the Group and have been a Member for at least 5 years. 

Greatest Business Impact – NG Peer Learning
This award recognises the Member who has taken the core values of Openness and Better today to heart, and implemented their learning from the NG sessions into their businesses in a way which has promoted growth in a specific area. This could be through new opportunity (e.g. Cyber Essentials, MPS, Total Care).

Entries must include:

  • Clear evidence of commercial success and growth over the past year specifically focusing on a single opportunity within your business.
  • Evidence of specific sales achievements in this one area over the past year. This should include;
    • Number of new customers
    • Growth in revenue
    • Expansion in number of staff or assets
  • Up to 2 client/customer testimonials evidencing the value, innovation, and success of your product/service/solution.

Member collaborator of the Year
This special award recognises the Member who collaborates openly for the betterment of all within the NG community. For example, sharing their experiences, providing examples and advice, making themselves available outside of NG events, going the extra mile for the benefit of their peers.

Entries should include:

  • Examples where working with a vendor has resulted in a Group introduction/deal to the benefit of MG peers.
  • Examples of championing a partner resulting in Member take-up of a product and/or service, e.g. supporting a Partner presentation, providing testimonial, attending/facilitating a Partner-led session or workshop.
  • Examples of participation at Channel events, supporting Channel service providers like CompTIA
  • Evidence of collaboration with one or more Partner or Member which resulted in a successful outcome for both/all, be this promotional, financial, growth, expansion etc.
  • No more than 2 testimonials to support your evidence.

Entry Guidelines

A Member or Partner may enter into as many categories as they choose.

The word limit for entries is 500 words.

This does not include testimonials. 

Entries must be submitted in PDF format only, via email to no later than 17.00 on the 24th January 2019.

Testimonials can be submitted separately.

You can submit supporting information – short video, stats and images etc.

A company/person can enter themselves or can be entered by someone else, however it is important to note that an entry will be judged on its content and quality and not by how many times it has been entered/nominated into the same category.

Please make sure you refer to the criteria for each entry before submitting.

The entry deadline is 17.00 on the 24th January 2019.

After entry deadline (24th January 2019) your entry(s) will be passed to our panel of judges who will decide on a shortlist.

The shortlist will be announced in February. You will be notified by the NG Marketing Team if you have been shortlisted.

In order for an entry to be considered valid you must complete all required fields on the Front Page – this can be found here. Failure to do so will make your entry invalid and you may be contacted by a member of the NG Marketing Team to re-submit it.