Network Group July MOMENTUM 2018

Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th July 2018

Ardencote Manor, Warwick

If you’re a fan of lateral thinking, you’ll love this!

The July MOMENTUM event has always been about building relationships – with opportunities to spend quality time with members whilst engaging in a team challenge.

This year, it’s a fight against time!

Each team has to crack the codes to get inside a flight case. Sounds simple? All that is in your way is a padlock and an unusual key and, of course, the competition!

As the seconds and minutes count down, teams will throw themselves into a range of physical and mental challenges that require concentration, energy, dedication, creativity and most of all teamwork.

Who has the skill and dexterity to spin a plate, who has the patience to crack the Chinese puzzle box, will the team be able to pull together to complete the human rollercoaster and which team has the energy to get it all done in the time? Will they crack under the pressure?

This event is fast moving, engages all members of the team and certainly ensures that there is a competitive but fun air in the room.

Providing unparalleled Networking and relationship building, this event sees the emergence of bromance, the resurgence of friendly rivalries and the underpinning of the open, honest and truly collaborative Partner/Member relationships that are at the heart of everything we do.

With opportunities to deliver workshops on the Business day, as well as run rings around the rest on the Challenge day, get in touch and book your team now.

Just some reasons to be a part of Network Group and this Event

Our Prestigious Venue

Ardencote Manor
CV35 8LT

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