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Is Infrastructure Monitoring The Most Important Part Of IT Services?

Light as a feather, stiff as a board

If you’re wondering how important infrastructure monitoring is as a part of your IT services, allow us to explain. You may be familiar with the classic party trick called light as a feather, stiff as a board. If you’re not, essentially, one person sits on a chair while four others attempt to lift them out of that chair together. The catch is that the four lifters can only use two fingers each to lift. This seems impossible at first. Then, after some chanting, counting, or another professedly magical action, the lifters try once again to raise the person out of their chair. This time they have surprising success.

We apologise in advance for ruining the mystique behind this party trick, but there is a logical explanation as to why it’s so easy to lift the person the second time. The chanting, counting, or other action carried out between lifts isn’t just there for show. It gets everyone to lift in unison by syncing their bodies and movements. The power of four people lifting together, despite using only two fingers, is much stronger than four people all lifting at slightly different times. OK, so now we have ruined your childhood, what has this has got to do with infrastructure monitoring?

How monitoring works

The importance of monitoring as a part of your IT services is very similar to the lifters. Alone, it has a minimal effect on your overall performance. However, when used together with other IT services, it becomes a crucial part of your management. Without monitoring, your business’s technology management would be ineffective.

Infrastructure monitoring refers to the collection of regular data on your IT infrastructure. Monitoring software alerts your IT management company or staff to unplanned downtime, network intrusion, and resource saturation. This saves you money as it minimises the network downtime and enhances efficiency. With the right infrastructure and services in place, the problems it alerts you to are solved almost instantly. For example, it can help technicians stop network intrusions in their tracks. But what is the point of IT monitoring if you don’t have the other elements of tech management to back it up?

Stronger together

Infrastructure monitoring needs to be used in combination with other IT services. This makes your whole system stronger. Using effective cybersecurity software and practices are a must. Doing so will help reduce the number of cyber attacks that impact your business and reduce the amount that show up during monitoring. Also, having a tried and tested, specifically designed business continuity plan is a must. Creating this plan ensures you are aware of the steps to take when infrastructure monitoring highlights a problem.

There is no denying that infrastructure monitoring is an essential part of effective IT management. This doesn’t mean it’s more critical than other IT services that provide you with protection. Just like the lifters in light as a feather, stiff as a board, all elements of IT management are stronger together. When they work well together, it can produce magical results.