Here's the story of the man behind the global IT systems giant, the CGI Group, in keeping with our shapeshifter theme for 2017: The full BBC article can be read here

How disaster inspired a multi-billion dollar business

Serge Godin remembers the event that gave him the drive and determination to succeed in life - watching his father's sawmill burn down.

He was 17 in Canada at the time, the year was 1966, and as his dad's business was uninsured, the family lost everything.

One of nine children brought up in rural Quebec, Mr Godin, along with his siblings, suddenly had to earn money to help his parents pay the bills and keep a roof over the family's heads.

So Mr Godin worked at a supermarket in the evenings after school, and then at a dry cleaner's on Saturdays.

Ambitious to run his own company, in his 20s he used savings of C$5,000 ($3,800; £3,100) to start a computer business that he called Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique (CGI). In English, this translates as Information Systems and Management Consultants.

Today CGI Group is a global IT systems giant that enjoys annual revenues of C$10bn, while Mr Godin's personal fortune is estimated at $1.5bn. Its business clients include companies such as miner Rio Tinto, tyre-maker Michelin, airline group Air France-KLM and London's Heathrow Airport. CGI also does work for 22 of the world's largest banks, and has no fewer than 2,000 government contracts around the world.

People-centred dream

In terms of how CGI is run on a day-to-day basis, Mr Godin says he views it as a big family and that he has to keep everyone happy.

"At CGI we have a dream, and this dream is centred on the core of our business - our people," he says.  "They are the ones who take the elevator to come to work every day, and we have to make sure they will come back and will like working here."

One way in which CGI tries to look after its staff is encouraging them to become shareholders. And for every share that an employee buys, the company will buy him or her the same amount.

Mr Godin says: "This idea of sharing is important to me, because I come from a big family."

He adds: "My origins remind me that it is important to help."