PC gaming continues to be the clear growth opportunity within the retail IT market, with components, peripherals and monitors driving this growth.  Market research experts, GfK reported a 28% increase in the value of gaming keyboards and mice in the first quarter of 2017, whilst the increase in the amount of units sold was even higher.  As a comparison, general sales during this period was down 5% compared to the same quarter in 2016 [source: GfK].

GfK have produced an infographic that illustrates the global opportunities offered by the gaming market; such as a 35% sales growth for gaming accessories in Western Europe and an increase in value of gaming products compared to non-gaming equivalents – between 1.2x higher for headsets and 2.2x higher for mice.


Gaming continues to be the innovation driver in our sector.

Thus far, we have already seen GPU and CPU brands push the envelope with AMD’s Ryzen processors and NVIDIA’s 1080 Ti graphics.  AMD’s highly anticipated Threadripper CPU will hit the market shortly whilst Intel have brought forward i9 and Coffee Lake CPU’s in response to AMD’s success.

With the peak trading season upon us, now is the ideal time to get your store ready to capitalise on the gaming opportunity.

Nathan Proudfoot, Gaming Business Manager at VIP UK predicts the following will be top sellers this Christmas…

  • Right handed gaming mice in the £50 - £70 price bracket. We have already seen a 4 times run rate increase on Razer’s Deathadder Elite since the price recently dropped from £89.99 to £69.99 excluding VAT.
  • Sub £100 mechanical keyboards. Previously only mechanical keyboards from lesser known brands were priced below £100, we are now seeing brands such as CoolerMaster in this bracket and run rates are soaring.
  • Headsets with 50mm drivers & oval cups. Sound quality and comfort are driving this shift.

As addressed in our last blog ‘Get in the Game’, the best way to get into gaming is to have a dedicated area in-store set up with demo systems for customers to try as well as stocking serious gaming kit as well as budget options.  Gamers are serious about their equipment and are prepared to invest in the best.

Leading retailers are also diversifying to suit market needs.  In response to falling sales in the console market, Game responded by moving in to new retail categories such as PC gaming accessories.  It also launched in-store gaming arenas under the ‘Belong’ brand.  An in-store gaming area where gamers can pay to play games could represent a good opportunity for Indie Retailers to get more gamers in your stores.

If you’re attending the Focus Event on 20th September, we will be holding surgery sessions to assist you with any challenges you are facing.

As your gaming distie, VIP UK are best placed to help you get in the game by offering:

  • A gaming SOR programme featuring Razer for peak season
  • In-store POS
  • Access to the biggest and best gaming brands
  • Best practice advice from gaming experts.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to capitalise on the biggest growth sector in our industry.

VIP Club Team