From NG Director, Craig Hume, MD of Utopia Computers 

If you are like me every so often you come across a blog that is so good you feel as if it was written just for you. Banking startup Monzo’s recent ‘Tone of Voice’ Blog is the latest to do just this for me. Let me explain why, before you all rush off and read it...which I very much hope you do.

Over the past few weeks, I have been spending some time thinking about the concept that better doesn’t necessarily mean more complicated. This was first presented to me by my good friend, Mentor and NG MD, Phylip Morgan, who told me that he is always looking for ways to ‘simplify’ things in any of the businesses he is involved in.

The effectiveness of this idea was then confirmed when I got the opportunity to visit Monzo. In many ways, their success is down to making dealing with a bank as simple as possible. In the aforementioned blog, they described how by simplifying the language they use they are making their customers feel at ease and in turn hitting retention and satisfaction numbers never before seen by a bank. Believe it or not their customers actually love them!

So what can we all learn from this? Well, technology is complicated and I have seen first-hand many times where IT dealers have made things sound harder than they need to be, from GDPR to Cyber Security to simply selling a laptop. NG members like Grant McGregor are doing a sterling job of explaining what they do in simple terms and having recently visited their offices it's safe to say they are reaping the benefits of talking in plain English to their clients.

At Utopia, we build some of the world’s fastest computers, but our clients still sometimes come to us with simple questions, like how to plug it in or connect to the Internet. When I was asked by the team to write a document that we could supply with our systems to answer these questions I wrote about 10 pages answering all the possible questions we might get.

One of my team looked at it and laughed, he redrafted it to one page by using diagrams. Which one do you think we went with? The one-pager of course...and our service call requests for new PCs has hit an all-time low, down a staggering 80%.

My question to you would be, what can you simplify in your business? From the language your team uses to the systems used to solve your customer's problems, I now think simplicity can be the most powerful type of evolution in any businesses.

Read the Monzo blog here: