Energise through restlessness – leadership & workplace culture

“Leaders at all levels are feeling a sense of restlessness – a questioning of what they know, what they do and in some cases what it’s all about. If this is you, you are not alone,” according to Jo Simpson, author and executive leadership coach.

Jo Simpson, author and leadership speaker

Jo will be delivering a keynote presentation at Network Group’s September Focus event on Wednesday, and our members will be hearing more about incredible opportunities for leaders and their businesses in aligning core values, creating a shift in perspective and striving for a workplace culture fit. When these are combined, you will be empowered to evolve into the person and leader you are meant to be, and to have greater clarity for your business direction and success.

“Ignite your own potential,” says Jo, “make more confident and courageous decisions, deepen your interactions in all relationships and align your goals and vision to bring out the absolute best in you and your team.”

A sense of restlessness

With this sense of restlessness that is stirring in organisations today amongst many leaders and teams, there is also good news in that this is essential for your own growth and development and is the clue to ‘knowing where to tap’ to best develop your teams. If you have a company culture and a workplace where your team fits together well through being commonly aligned, then it greatly lessens any sense of a disconnect during a time of restlessness. Restlessness can allow you to become energised, and creates a catalyst to bring about new decisions and positive change for all.

Core values

Jo Simpson, says that every decision you make – especially in times of restlessness - is based on your core values whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Core values are not marketing slogans, they are at the heart of your organisation. Part of driving an authentic, successful and values based culture is, of course, making good decisions based on your values and attitudes. And good decision-making also plays a key role in appointing the right team in alignment with your workplace culture – cultural fit is more important than skills alone.

Building a great workplace culture where people can flourish will take your company to the next level. Culture starts from the top down and commitment from everyone in the organisation makes it take hold. Transparency, communication, trust and engagement all foster a good workplace culture, and once you’ve built a great culture it is important to keep it thriving by recruiting with it in mind.

At our upcoming Focus event, our chairman, Wayne Cockerill, says, “We are focusing on Workplace Culture. We all want to foster a culture where our employees are challenged to grow and achieve, one that really understands what employees want, and creates an environment that’s dynamic and nurturing. We spend a large part of our week at our jobs, so it’s important to pay attention to the work portion of the work-life balance. This is not just good for employees; we, as employers, also benefit from listening to our staff.  After all, their success is our success.”