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If the above 4 values depict a business that you’d like to be at the helm of then continue reading…

Network Group is looking for an entrepreneurial Managing Director to lead the group and project us into our next chapter. An experienced figurehead to act as the lynchpin between the new Chairman, the executive board, the HQ team, and the membership that we are here to serve.

The ideal candidate will be an autonomous leader with a proven track record of revenue growth through business development. This individual will preferably have experience in leading both communities and professional efficient teams; someone who’s not afraid to get involved at a grassroots level but who can also confidently deliver presentations to 200 plus business owners in the IT industry.

Key Accountabilities include:

  • Business Strategy - Working side-by-side with the exec-representatives and the management team to develop and execute the company’s short, medium, and long-term business strategies.
  • Exemplary Company Status - Maintaining the well-established status of the company whilst exploiting opportunities to improve and establish best operational practice.
  • Business Process - Leading the analysis and strategic analysis of some business segments whilst delivering improvements in operations and business
  • Team – Developing and empowering the team to lead their areas of responsibility in a constantly evolving
  • Enhancing key commercial
  • Ensuring delivery of big projects

The successful candidate will be of proven Managing Director ability with demonstrable experience in delivering strong strategic business plans. In particular, we are looking for an individual with:

  • A proven track record of operating at this level within small teams. Ideally but not essentially, you have been/are involved in peer-to-peer communities with experience in reporting to an executive board and involved in the IT
  • Expertise in the development and delivery of business strategy and operational
  • Commercial acumen with a solid understanding of the IT or Tech industry (whether Service or Transactional)
  • Hands-on commitment to making and following through with significant, strategic decisions based on comprehending key business drivers
  • Confident communication and interpersonal skills at all levels of the organisation
  • Intuitive understanding of operational and financial measures of performance, and a track record of delivering

The successful candidate will be a leader who will steer the company in the most successful direction whilst also implementing its mission and long-term goals of member advantage.

If all of the above is you then please forward your CV along with a covering letter to –